Human Resource Solution For The Construction Industry

A CIS regulated business offering recruitment, payroll and employment solutions for those working within the construction industry

Bluebridge services was established to provide payroll solutions for companies and individuals engaged in the construction industry. As founders we understand and appreciate the complexities of the industry and have identified the need for solutions that offer assistance and support to all concerned.

Do you employ people in the construction industry under CIS (Self-Employment)?

Are you worried about HMRC inspections regarding the employment status of your operatives?

Are you aware that if HMRC deem these operatives to be treated as employees then all the back payroll taxes and National insurance payments, will be charged to YOU and not the operative you have paid?

If you are worried about these potential issues raised above, then the solutions provided by Bluebridge should be of interest to your company.

Equally, Bluebridge has a track record of helping contractors enjoy the benefits of agency work whilst retaining their self employed status, this via our cost effective CIS Payroll service